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Business Continuity

understanding and managing the impact of failure

Business Continuity is a business-led process that IT plays an important part in. IT service protection and Disaster Recovery plans should be aligned to business needs, systems should be recovered in line with business targets.


Business Continuity needs to be looked at in terms of business processing needs and what failure scenarios need to be protected against. Examples of this include environmental issues (what happens if there is a fire next door and you are not allowed into your offices for a week), and technical issues (what happens if your network links fail).

We help you to identify the main risks and propose means of mitigating those, through either protection or through ways of recovering.

Protection vs. Recovery

Once the risks are understood, there are numerous ways of handling these, with differing costs and results.

We can help you with resilient equipment, alternative means of access, server backup regimes that enable rapid recovery, and so much more. There is no one size fits all, however you can be assured that we understand the risks and options and can help you.

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