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Hosted Solutions

business class hosted solutions without investment costs

Exchange based Email

Criterion's Microsoft Exchange hosted solution email service is simply in a league of its own. The secure messaging and collaboration service has been implemented to give you greatest flexibility in where you work from. The primary service is hosted on the south coast in a secure and resilient data centre, that you can visit by arrangement, and data is replicated to another UK site.

Accessible via Outlook or the Web interface, the user experience is the same as if the service was deployed internally. It takes advantage of the GFI anti spam and anti virus protection service, and in the unlikely event of loss of both data centres, mails can be sent and received via the GFI service.

Remote Backup

Our online automated data backup is available in two guises, to the same resilient data centres that are used for our Exchange email service, and for those that need a lesser level of protection and therefore a lower cost point, to a local secure server environment.

This service removes the risk that you might forget to take copies of your data offsite regularly, and you don't need to check that the remote backup has worked, we do that for you. The backup service utilises an initial full copy of the data, and then subsequent runs copy the changed data across only, as you would expect.

Virtual Data Centre

As the jargon says "Virtual data centres utilise cloud computing to provide you with a pool of resources to create your own virtual data centre environment." In plain English, we can create you a server and storage environment in our hosting centre, that is dedicated for your use, and is cost effective as it shares processing and storage capacity with other systems and hosted solutions.

This eliminates the need for capital expenditure, and provides flexibility, scalability and excellent levels of security.

Web Hosting

Websites need to be fast and reliable. One of the keys to this is Quality business class hosted solutions. Our servers have four separate ultra-high speed broadband lines, separate independent power generators and the whole site is replicated to a backup data centre.

We have a range of cloud services including hosted exchange mailboxes and cloud backup for both of-site company backup and website backup which is essential with content managed and ecommerce sites.


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