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Service Desk

the best of IT support, tailored to suit your needs

The Hub

Criterion's Service Desk offering is flexible managed IT support, and can be built to suit each businesses differing requirements.

The core of the delivery for this is our remote help desk, based out of Wimborne covering IT Support Dorset and IT Support Hampshire. This is fully manned by experienced technicians and the delivery processes are designed around the ITIL framework. Extending out from the Service Desk are our field based technicians, who tackle those tasks that require visits to our customer's locations.

Criton & NIC

We have designed, built and implemented our own bespoke Service Desk software (Criton) to tie in with our proven delivery methods, and to meet the communication needs of our customers. This has a self service option for those that would rather log requests online than telephone or email us.

Another important aspect of this service is the pro-active remote monitoring option (NIC). Where deployed, this automatically checks a wide range of services and processes running in our customer's IT infrastructures and advises us of any issues, often enabling us to fix things before the customer realises there is an issue.

NIC can also be deployed to help with patch management for software updates, where this is provided as a pro-active service.

Time Plan

Criterion provides a Time Plan option where our customers pre-purchase blocks of time that is then utilised in response to requests for IT assistance. Unlike some of our competitors who ask you to buy a number of hours up front and then replenish those when they are used up, causing spikes in expenditure, we have designed the Time Plan to be more flexible.

A set number of hours are purchased each month and the balance monitored with monthly statements provided, giving a better spread of expenditure and improved cost management. The balance can go into debit up to an agreed limit, at which point we will discuss options to increase the monthly purchase or to pay for the over use, or if in credit, unused time is carried forward. A significant benefit of this service is that short calls are not charged for; if we fix in under 10 minutes, the call is FREE.

Fixed Price

We can also take the service one step further than the Time Plan by providing a Fixed Price remote IT support offering. Criterion and our customers agree projected support levels together, and then fix a price around that. This takes away the risk of runaway remote support costs.

The true benefit to our customers is that the service is more pro-active than Time Plan is. Whilst in a Time Plan agreement we will look to address recurring problems as they appear, this does require the customer to agree to and pay for the investigation. In the Fixed Price agreement we actually invest our own time to do that, rather than charging our customers for the investigation. This then enables us to manage the ongoing effort that we utilise, and reduces the number of incidents that our customers experience.

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