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SharePoint Solutions

effective content management,, improved business efficiency.

Our SharePoint solutions have enabled a number of our clients to transform the way that they work, to great benefit.

Microsoft Sharepoint Features

what is sharepoint

SharePoint solutions allow you to share information around your business, with easy access, and to manage the creation and publishing of documents. These sites are individually tailored for you by Criterion and can be delivered as Cloud Hosted SharePoint or On-Premise SharePoint Dorset using your own server infrastructure.

With powerful and easy to use search facilities, document retrieval is made easy, and its security features means documents can be protected when they need to be.

Sharepoint solutions are robust and scalable for all businesses which allow them to aid in automating processes that are otherwise labour and time intensive which can cost your business money.

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However it doesn't end there, Sharepoint can help in collaborative projects with other companies, provide a document management system, visualise your content in a new and powerful way plus a lot more features that can take your company to the next level.


Criterion has taken SharePoint a stage further and developed CAYTO; bespoke applications for our clients, utilising its excellent workflow capabilities and its intuitive layouts. From simple HR systems for holiday bookings, through to advanced CRM systems with integrated quoting capability, there are numerous applications for this versatile and cost effective system.

This is one of our may managed IT services that we have on offer at Criterion IT.

To make sure your business can hit the ground running, we can provide you with training at our offices located in Dorset or at your business premise.

To find out how CAYTO Hosted SharePoint can revolutionise the way your business works please visit www.cayto.co.uk.

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